Friday, 20 July 2018
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Helping businesses and individuals achieve their financial goals has been my passion for the last 13 years. Using Calgary premier radio stations Virgin 98.9, CJAY 92 and Classic Country 1060 I can show you how you can get your business noticed before your competitors.

I combine a mix of radio advertising, online advertising and social media (twitter, facebook and linkedin) initiatives to increase your ROI and drive business to your product, service or event.

I have sat with business owners, both large and small, and seen the challenges they face when deciding how to most effectively market their business. I implement a successful formula utilizing great ads in conjunction with effective scheduling . The businesses I work with see increased traffic, increased revenue and an over-all boost to their business.

I specialize in maximizing your advertising budget using creative messages that stand out on the radio.

CONTACT ME to see how you can reach over 100,000 listeners in Calgary.

Live On Locations

  • Remotes include 4 hours on location, either in the morning or afternoon.
  • You receive 25 x 30 second ads that will run 5 days leading up to the remote.  5 per day.
  • You receive 3 live 60 second announcements per hour for a total of 12 per remote.
  • An on-air announcer will be live to meet customers.
  • You will get station visuals such a tent, blow up logos, roll banners, red carpet backdrops, logoed vehicles etc.
  • We can facilitate music for everyone to hear.
  • Announcers can serve as the host of your event
  • We will hand out balloons, tattoos etc.
  • Remotes available on all stations, any day of the week.

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